Renato Faustini

Custom Home Designer

The leap from earth and water to the digitalized world of architectural design is not as radical as it may seem.  I find the process of designing buildings and making pottery is fundamentally the same.  Whether hand coiling clay or using state-of-the-art architectural software, it’s still about creating a  product that’s beautiful, symmetrical and harmonious with its intended environment. At their essence, pottery and architectural design are both outward expressions of inward energy and organic reflections of their designer.

The Potter:

I grew up in Brazil.  My aunt gave me mountains of clay, and easy access to the secrets of her jungle backyard with its noisy birds and hiding creatures. I had a boy’s eternity and messy freedom to coat my hands in earth and water.  Born to create with clay,  I’ve done so from the beginning.

Renato Faustini

4 thoughts on “Renato Faustini

  1. Beverly Lucke says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by your website and wanting to have you look at a couple of design projects for me in the future. Those being a rebuild of ranch style 3bd 2bth home is Whitefish and a possible subdivision north of Kalispell as per a master plan. Also I am in the early stages of creating a center of wellness facility near my home located in Oro Valley, AZ and would like your various talents involved with that process.

    • Faustini Art says:

      Hello Beverly,
      Thank you for visiting the Faustini Art website! I am excited for the opportunity to discuss thoughts regarding your projects. I will be in contact via e-mail to arrange an initial meeting.

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